Add Disqus to Joomla

Joomla does not have a native comment system as of version 3.x but there are plenty of extensions available on the JED that can help you achieve this. Disqus is one of them and in this tutorial we’ll learn how to add Disqus to Joomla successfully.

So what is Disqus?

Disqus is a hosted blog commenting software. It can be integrated with websites that do not have user comments system or it can be used to replace the one that already exists. Disqus is free to use and supports some of the most popular Content Management Systems including Joomla and other services like Tumbler and Squarespace.

Advantages of using Disqus on your Joomla website

As Disqus is a hosted platform, its impact on your hosting resources is minimal to none. Secondly, you do not have to bother with bot-filtering plugins because they already have on their system. Thirdly, you have the option to monetize your user comments by adding Disqus Reveal. It adds a small advertising banner to either the top, within or below the comments. However to use this feature, your website should have about 10,000 weekly visitors from the US.

How to add Disqus to Joomla

Step 1: Create Your Disqus account and add your domain.

  1. Visit Disqus and create your account.
  2. On the ensuing page select the option that allows you to install Disqus on your website.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 1
  3. On the next page enter your website name and category. The website name is also the ‘Shortname’ that will be required by the Joomla Disqus plugin.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 2
  4. When it prompts you for the website platform, choose Joomla.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 3
  5. Download the Disqus plugin for Joomla, note the Disqus Shortname and proceed.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 4
  6. On the configuration setting, enter your website URL and description and proceed.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 5
  7. To prevent other websites from loading your Disqus comments, click the Advanced tab and enter your domain again under Trusted Domains.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 6

Now you’re done with the Disqus site configurations. Its time to head over to your Joomla back-end.

Step 2: Install Disqus plugin on your Joomla website.

  1. Login to your Joomla back-end.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install.
  3. Upload and install the plugin. Check our tutorial on how to install Joomla extensions if necessary.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 7
  4. Navigate to Extensions > Plugins.
  5. Search and open the Disqus plugin. From the two plugins available for Disqus, choose the one with type Content.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 8
  6. Enter the Disqus shortname that you have noted earlier.
    Add Disqus to Joomla 9
  7. Save and close the plugin.

Now visit your website front-end and open one of your articles to see the results.
Add Disqus to Joomla 10

That is how we add Disqus to Joomla. I hope the tutorial was elaborate and simple enough for you to follow. Kindly share it with your friends.

Complete tutorial on how to add Disqus to Joomla
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