Add a forum to Joomla

Depending on the nature of your website, you may want to extend its functionalities and include a forum. With little or zero knowledge about programming and without spending a dime, you can actually add a forum to Joomla fairly easily.

Looking around, we find a lot of e-commerce sites and and online communities with forums. There are business owners who not only provide support within the forum but it also helps them to gather valuable information about their products from the end users. Besides, forums serve as a discussion board for online communities. So, if you’re running any of those sites, you may actually want to add a forumĀ and add more value to your Joomla website.

It goes without saying that you need to have a working Joomla website, if you do not have have one yet please follow our tutorial on how to create a Joomla website in a few minutes.

Add a forum to Joomla

  1. Download Kunena.
  2. Navigate to the Joomla back-end and install the component. Check our tutorial on how to install a Joomla component.
  3. Navigate to Menus > Main Menu.
  4. Edit the Forum menu item to your liking and publish the same.
    Add a forum to Joomla -Publish Forum
    If for some reason, the Forum menu doesn’t appear on your main menu, you can always create a new menu item for it.

Add a menu item for Kunena

  1. Navigate to Menus > Main Menu. Here we assume that the Main Menu is your preferred menu. Otherwise, you can add the forum to any of your existing menus.
  2. Click on the New green button.
  3. Enter the menu title of your choice e.g, Forum.
  4. Click Select under Menu item type.
  5. Click on Kunena Forum and select the Home Page.
    Add a forum to Joomla - Select Homepage
  6. Under Default Menu Item, you can select Index to display the forum category-wise on the front page.
    Add a forum to Joomla - Select Index

The default Kunena Installation has two sample categories. You may want to create more and delete the samples.

How to add new categories to Kunena

  1. Navigate to Components > Kunena Forum > Categories.
  2. Click on ‘New Category’ on the tool bar.
  3. Assign a level to the category and give it a name. You can also add a description for the category.
  4. Make sure the category is set to published.
  5. Save and close.

Besides the default template, there are other kunena templates, both free and paid, including the Blue Eagle 5 which is offered by the Kunena Developers for 10 euros.

How to Add a Forum to Joomla
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