Best VPS Hosting at Affordable Prices

Before we get to the list of the best VPS hosting providers at affordable prices, what is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and when do you actually need it?

A VPS is a partially independent virtualized container on a dedicated machine that shares the resources with other alike containers. Depending on the type of virtualization, the resources allocated to a container can either be dedicated or shared.

Does that make sense? You can simply consider a VPS as a dedicated server inside another dedicated server but with lesser control and fewer resources.

There are quite a good number of uses for VPS but whether you actually need it depends on the type of usage you have in mind.

For instance, if you plan on hosting just a few web scripts or Content Management Systems with minimal traffic then you’d be better off with Shared Hosting.

Not only because of the minimal resources required but Shared Hosting also provides you with almost every tool required to launch a website and you simply have to upload or install your scripts from the Control Panel.

On the other hand with VPS, you have to start from scratch. Starting with the installation of the appropriate OS template, you’re going to need to install the web server such as Apache or Nginx, a database and so forth.

Moreover, you run the risk of incurring additional cost because not all scripts come for free. Website control panels such as Cpanel and Directadmin require licenses to run.

A VPS is ideal for:

  • Running applications that need root and shell access.
  • Sites with large amount of traffic.
  • Resource intensive web applications.
  • Total control of the web hosting environment.
  • Running game servers – depends on the VPS specifications and the game in question.

That being said, lets get to the list of the best VPS hosting providers when you’re on a low budget.

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List of the Best VPS Hosting Providers at affordable or cheap prices.

1. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean, a name that brings joy to its thousands of extremely satisfied customers and envy to its competitors, is an epitome of efficiency and elegance in cloud hosting.

DO takes pride in calling itself ‘a platform for developers’. Ever since the first beta product was rolled out in 2012, DO has reportedly grown with a pace that none of its peers could match.

Some features of cloud hosting as provided by Digital Ocean.

  • SSD storage in all of their hosting plans.
  • Ability to scale up or down resources based on usage.
  • Hourly pricing that especially benefits users during testing or development phase.
  • Snapshots, a fancy term for backups, that can be created with a single click and also be transferred between users
  • Ability to attach additional SSD storage to droplets, which is another fancy term for a VPS, independent of other resources.
  • Multiple server locations spread across the globe.

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2. Vultr

Another contender for the top spot on budget VPS hosting comes a very close second, Vultr. The entry-level VPS on Vultr costs a mere $2.50 with 20 GB SSD, 512 MB RAM and a single core processor. With KVM virtualization and almost 100% uptime, Vultr is probably one of the best VPS hosting providers around.

Some of its features are:

  • SSD Storage in all their plans.
  • 15 locations spread across the continents.
  • Hourly Pricing.
  • Additional Block Storage costing a mere $1/month for 10 GB SSD.
  • Free back-up/snapshots.
  • Flexible billing that includes Paypal and Bitcoins besides Credit Card.
  • Ability to mount custom Operating Systems.
    Best VPS Hosting - Vultr

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3. Prometeus

Lesser known but what we normally refer to as a ‘solid host’ comes Prometeus. After trying out different providers back in the days, this is one of the first decent host that I came across and they still rock! With almost 20 years in the hosting industry that is only to be expected. All types of virtualizations such as KVM, OpenVZ, Xen and cloud are available for the taking.

Xen is available under the brand name XenPower and Iwstack is the brand name for their cloud services. Both brands have very positive feedback by users including myself. Besides Prometeus also offers website hosting with daily back ups, Litespeed server and Cpanel. They’re highly recommended.
Best VPS Hosting - Prometeus

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4. Dediserve

Founded in 2009, Dediserve is an entirely Irish owned company and it is one of the few providers that offer decent VPS hosting in Dublin. The company provides cloud instances and dedicated servers with intuitive and clean interfaces and tools. Among the providers featured in the list of the best VPS hosting with affordable prices, they are the most versatile geographically – offering their services in 15 different locations spread across the map as of now. With blazing fast SSD storage and Intel Xeon E5 V2 processors in the fray backed by great uptime and reliability, Dediserve is trully a force to reckon with.
Best VPS Hosting - Dediserve

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5. BudgetNode

Budgetnode is relatively a new entrant into the market but have garnered enough votes and positive feedback about their services to deserve a place on this list. Currently offering OpenVZ and KVM virtualizations on their line of VPS, you have the option to choose either the US or Netherlands for server location. The entry level plan for OpenVZ starts at $5 and consists of 512 RAM, 20GB disk space, 1 CPU core and 1 TB of Bandwidth. It should be noted that all their VPS plans comes with free DDOS protection.
Best VPS Hosting - Budgetnode

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6. HostUs

HostUs entered the market in 2012 and offers their services in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The company ‘offers a diverse selection of web hosting services ranging from low cost shared Cpanel hosting to OpenVZ VPS to large dedicated servers.’

HostUs is another budget VPS hosting company that provides free DDOS protection in selected locations.
Best VPS Hosting - Hostus

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7. Virmach

Virmach is another new entrant that deserves a mention on this list considering the positive feedback from friends who have servers with them and negating the trash talk on certain forums. Virmach offers a wide range of products from web hosting to dedicated servers. They also have Minecraft and Runescape servers for rent.

Please note that Virmach offers Windows for free on their VPS plans along with free DDOS protection. Their OpenVZ Micro plan costs a mere $7.50 per annum. Take that into consideration along with the free DDOS protection and you can only imagine the possibilities such as setting up a DNS server or GRE Tunneling with the DDOS-filtered IPs.
Best VPS Hosting - Virmach

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8. ImpactVPS

ImpactVPS burst into the scene in 2015 as a brand of Subnet Labs. The company follows a unique strategy of marketing their products by offering ‘Resource Bundles’. Apparently, these bundles come with massive resources. The entry level plan for a Resource Bundle comprises of 4GB RAM, 45 GB SSD storage, 2 TB of bandwidth and 5 IPs and it costs a mere $12 per month.

The company also has plans to launch regular premium VPS in the near future. Impact VPS also offers storage VPS starting from 250GB with 1GB RAM and 1 TB bandwidth.
Best VPS Hosting - ImpactVPS

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9. Ramnode

Ramnode is no stranger to VPS hosting. Trusted by thousands of users, the company offers SSD and SSD-cached VPS with both KVM and OpenVZ virtualizations. The product range is as wide and detailed as an encyclopedia.

Ramnode provides optional DDOS protection upto 50 Gbps. DDOS-filtered IPs can be ordered from their WHMCS panel for $5 per month. With outstanding reliability and support, Ramnode has carved a name for itself as one of the best VPS hosting provider at affordable prices.
Best VPS Hosting - Ramnode

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10. OVH

OVH has been in the game since 1999. A giant in the hosting industry, they operate their own data centers which are strategically located in France, Canada, Poland, Australia and Singapore. There are more locations are in the pipeline. Besides VPS hosting, they also offer website hosting, public and private cloud servers and dedicated servers.

The entry level VPS costs a meagre 2.50 euros and it comes with free DDOS protection. In fact, OVH is well-known for providing free and effective DDOS protection in all their hosting products. The mitigation works for most known DDOS attacks. Their services are highly sought after by gaming communities across Europe and North America.
Best VPS Hosting - OVH

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11. BuyVM

To round up the list of the best VPS hosting providers with affordable prices, we have BuyVM. The company offers a wide range of products with KVM and OpenVZ virtualization. The entry level plan for VPS starts from $15 per annum. High volume KVM plans can scale upto 8 cores with 200 GB SATA storage.

BuyVM is another provider that offers DDOS protection as an option when you sign up for a plan. Their DDOS mitigation service can reportedly deter attacks upto 500 Gbps which is a lot considering it costs only $3 per month.
Best VPS Hosting - BuyVM

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These are some of the best VPS hosting providers at the moment that I could think of with affordable prices. I hope the list comes handy for anyone looking for a budget VPS and I would really appreciate it if you can share this article with your friends as well.

Best VPS Hosting Providers with Affordable Prices
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