Clear the cache in Joomla

Although there are many positive impacts after enabling the cache, there are times or events when we need to disable or clear the cache in Joomla. These events include the development phase, website maintenance and making changes to certain parts of the website.

How to clear the cache in Joomla


  1. Navigate to System > Clear Cache.
    Clear the cache in Joomla
  2. Select the cache group that you want to delete or you can empty┬áthe whole cache by clicking ‘Delete All’.
    Clear the cache in Joomla - Select cache group
  3. Clear the expired caches while you’re at it.

It is a good practice to clear the expired caches every once in a while so as to prevent Joomla from accumulating a large amount of cache files. In fact, clearing a large amount of expired caches will not only be resource intensive but these unwanted files will occupy a lot of disk space if left unattended for long time.

How to clear the cache in Joomla with ease
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