Once your’re done installing Joomla and a good template to go along with it, you may want to create and publish menu items.

Menu items are the navigational links that appear either on the header or body of all your pages. They help the visitors to explore your website conveniently based on the content that you have set for every menu item.

Menu items can also help the search engines to discover and crawl deeper into the contents that link from it. At the end of the day, you may want to have your website contents indexed on every search engine.

In most cases, it is practically impossible to visit any link within the site without a menu item attached to it. Therefore, it is important to learn the basics behind creating and publishing menu items.

Almost every template in Joomla use three prominent menus – Top Menu, Main Menu and the Bottom Menu. Depending on their module positions, the location of these menus on the template may vary. However as their name suggests and on any typical template, the top menu is usually located on the website header, the main menu just before the body and the bottom menu on the footer.

Here we have a typical Joomla Template.
Create and publish menu items - Joomla menu sample

Now lets suppose you have an ‘About us’ article that you want to link from the Main Menu. For this we need to first add a menu item on the Main Menu and link the article from there.

Create and publish Menu Items


  1. Navigate to Menus > Main Menu.
  2. Click on the shiny green button that says ‘New’.
    Create and publish menu items in Joomla - Click New
  3. Enter the Menu Title, which is ‘About us’ in this case.
  4. Under Menu Item Type, click Select > Articles > Single Article.
    Create and publish menu items - Joomla select article
  5. Under Select Article, click Select > About us.
    Create and publish menu items in joomla - Save and close
  6. Save and close.

Now you can see that the About Us menu has appeared on the website front-end.

You can also link a category or component to Menu Items. All you have to do is choose the appropriate category or component under the Menu Item Type.

So that is how you create and publish menu items in Joomla. Now go on and have fun creating your first menu item!

How to create and publish Menu Items in Joomla
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