Create contact forms in Joomla

Contact forms are found on almost every website. It allows your website users to make inquiries or give feedback on the services that you provide. In this tutorial we’ll guide you on how to create contact forms in Joomla easily.

Contact forms give you the ability to determine the format and set appropriate fields for the information that you require from the senders. You can also set which fields are required for successful processing. Besides, contact forms do not display the recipient’s email address on the front-end. So you will have lesser changes of having your email address being abused by unsolicited senders.

However, not everything is as simple as it looks when it comes to contact forms. For instance, it is important to set a bot-filtering plugin such as Recaptcha. Otherwise, you’re inbox will be bombarded with spams. You can learn how to enable Recaptcha on your Joomla forms here. Secondly, if you have included a file upload field to your form, it is important to set the permitted file extensions. You are advised to disallow any sort of file extension which is capable of running scripts.

Having said that you can create contact forms in Joomla by using its native Contact component or with the help of extensions. So without further ado let’s start with the tutorial.

Create contact forms in Joomla using the native Joomla contact component.

Step 1: Creating and configuring the form

  1. Navigate to Components > Contacts.
  2. Add a new contact form by clicking on the New button.
    Create contact form in Joomla - 1
  3. Give a name to the form such as ‘Contact Us’ and select the Linked User – the person who should receive the emails sent from the contact form. You can also add more information about your business/company on the rest of the fields.
    Create contact forms in Joomla
  4. Select the Display tab, and under display choose plain because it shows the expanded form and users do not have to click or slide to access the form.
  5. Select the Form tab, check the fields and add anything that you find necessary.
  6. Make sure the Status is set to published and then save and close the form.

Step 2: Linking the form to a menu

  1. Navigate to the menu where you want the Contact us menu item to appear. For this tutorial we will add the form to the main menu but the same tutorial applies to the rest of the menus. You can learn more about adding menus to Joomla right here.
  2. On the Main Menu, add a new item by clicking on New.
    Create contact forms in Joomla 2
  3. Enter the menu title as ‘Contact Us’.
  4. Under Menu Item Type, click Select > Contacts > Single Contact.
    Create contact forms in Jooma 3
  5. Under Select Contact, choose the form Contact Us.
    Create contact forms in Joomla 4
  6. Save and close.

If you have closely followed these steps then the Contact Us menu should’ve appeared on the Main Menu and the form should appear upon clicking the menu.

Creating contact forms using Joomla extensions

There are many good free and paid components for Contact Forms on the Joomla Extension Directory. For this tutorial we’ll go with ALFContact form which is free to use. Some of its features include:

  • Ability to add multi-recipients.
  • Pre-fill form for logged in users.
  • Supports Recaptcha.
  • Redirect options.

Creating contact forms with ALFContact

  1. Download and install the ALFContact component. If necessary you can check how to install a Joomla extension right here.
  2. Navigate to Components > ALFContact.
  3. You can either use one of the existing forms by configuring it according to your needs or create a new one. The fields are all self-explanatory.
  4. You can set the Recaptcha from the component’s options.
  5. Save and close once you’re done.
  6. Navigate to Menus > Main menu and link the form to a menu as explained before. Just remember to choose ALFContact for the Menu Item Type.

So that is how you create contact forms in Joomla. I hope you found the tutorial helpful and do share it with your friends.


How to create contact forms in Joomla – Complete Tutorial
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