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Simply put, caching helps in loading the web pages faster. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to enable cache in Joomla.

In case you wanted to know more about caching in Joomla, let me explain a little bit further. A Joomla page may contain php scripts, javascript, cascading style sheets, media files and textual contents from the database.

When caching is disabled, every time a visitor loads a page from your website, Joomla has to prepare and generate the page by sending multiple requests before rendering.

However when caching is enabled, Joomla stores the prepared or generated pages in a directory for a certain time period and renders it whenever they are requested by visitors. This considerably reduces the page loading time as well as the load on the web server.

There are two types of caching available on the Joomla back-end РConservative and Progressive caching. Without going further into details, Conservative caching is recommended for larger websites. With Conservative caching you can also set the cache for particular modules.

Steps to enable cache in Joomla:

  1. Navigate to System > Global Configuration > System > Cache Settings.
  2. Select either Conservative or Progressive caching depending on your choice. For larger websites Conservative caching is recommended.
    Enable cache in Joomla
  3. Set the Platform Specific Caching to ‘Yes’ if you have a separate html output for mobile devices. Otherwise, leave it as it is. The default is ‘No’.
  4. Set the cache time, the default is 15 minutes. You can increase the value if you do not update you website constantly.
  5. Click save and close.

Steps to enable module specific caching

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Modules.
  2. Open the specific module and select the Advanced tab.
  3. Under Caching, set the module to use either Global caching or none depending on your requirements.
    Enable cache in Joomla - Module specific


So that is how we enable cache in Joomla. You may also want to learn more about clearing the Joomla cache.

How to enable cache in Joomla
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