Uninstall Joomla extensions

There are times when extensions such as plugins, modules or components do not work the way you have expected. Or maybe you were just keen on trying out an extension that you couldn’t resist but don’t actually need it. Either way, its time to say goodbye to both after exchanging a few pleasantries. Follow this guide to uninstall Joomla extensions easily.

Steps to uninstall Joomla extensions

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Manage.
    Uninstall Joomla extensions - 1
  2. Search for the extension. Here you do not have to type in the full title of your extension – a part of it will accomplish the same thing if not for a few more entries with similar words.
    Uninstall Joomla extensions - 2
  3. Select the extension and click uninstall.
    Uninstall Joomla extensions - 3

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How to uninstall Joomla extensions the right way
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