Joomla XML Sitemap

We know that Search Engines index the contents of a website faster with sitemaps. In this tutorial you will learn how to create  a Joomla XML sitemap using the OSMap component.

Joomla XML Sitemap - Chart

The chart clearly shows the approximate time taken in minutes that Search Engines such as Google and Bing takes to index a new page. However, the actual duration varies with websites because there are other factors such as the age of domain, quality of content, frequency of updates etc. that may may influence the outcome.

An XML sitemap tells the Search Engine about the number of links that can be crawled, the frequency at which they change and their priority as compared to the other links within the site. You can read more about Google Bot on the Search Console help.

Creating a Joomla XML Sitemap

  1. Download the OSMap component. The free version supports sitemaps for Joomla and its core extensions. However, if you’re running third-party extensions on your website, you’ll need to upgrade the component to its paid version.
  2. Login to your Joomla back-end and install the extension.
  3. Navigate to components > OSMap Free.
  4. Click New on the toolbar and give sitemap a name.
  5. Select the menus that you want to include in your sitemap, set their priorities and change frequency.
    Joomla XML Sitemap - Set priority
  6. Set the new sitemap as default.
    Joomla XML Sitemap - Set as default
  7. Click on the XML link of your sitemap, which opens a new window with the sitemap links. Copy its URL and use it to submit the sitemap to Search Engines.

Submitting your Joomla Sitemap to Google Webmaster Console.

  1. Visit the Google Webmaster Console and sign in.
  2. Add your website and verify it.
    Joomla XML Sitemap - Add website to Search Console
  3. On the Search Console, expand the Crawl menu and click on Sitemaps.
    Joomla XML Sitemap - Search Console Sitemap
  4. Click the Add/Test Sitemap link on top right and enter the URL of your sitemap that comes after the domain name and click submit.
    Joomla XML Sitemap - Add sitemap to Search Console

So that is how we create a Joomla XML Sitemap using OSMap. If you like its free version, consider buying the pro version for added features.


How to Create a Joomla XML Sitemap Using OSMap
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