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We all want to entertained at times but what if you only had your smartphone at your disposal? Well, look no further because we are going to unleash the list of the most entertaining apps on the Playstore at the moment.

Its amazing how quickly new apps keep popping up at the Playstore very other day. According to Strategy Analytic, Android has a whopping 88% share of the global market with over 328 million devices being shipped worldwide. No wonder, there is an army of Android app developers coding, working and competing day and night to come up with cool apps and if not the most entertaining apps for its millions of users.

Without further delay, lets get to theĀ list of the 5 most entertaining apps available on the Playstore at the moment. For your convenience, we have mentioned about our experiences with the app, the Android version required for its installation and its current rating on the Playstore.

List of the Most Entertaining Apps on the Playstore at the moment

  1. Violin – Magical Bow
  2. MSQRD
  3. Voot TV Shows, Movies and Cartoons
  4. Face Changer 2
  5. My Talking Tom

1. Violin – Magical Bow

Violin – Magical Bow is about having fun musically. You could probably end up learning a thing or two about playing the violin in the process. The app has a very smooth and neat GUI and is more suited for phones with larger screens. The larger the screen is, the more room you get to maneuver your fingers and be more accurate on the chords.

Having said that, Violin -Magical Bow can be played in three different modes:

  • You can play around with the bow by swiping it left and right or back and forth according to the music.
  • You tab on the right musical notes and the music or noise (if you tab on the wrong notes) flows accordingly.
  • Play with chords and there are hundreds of them.

Connecting the app to your Facebook account lets you save the levels and scores besides competing with friends.

Download it from the Playstore


It is another fun app offered by Facebook. What it basically does is record video selfies with animations. There are preset faces or masks to choose from starting from a chimpanzee to a lion. Once you’re done fumbling around, you can save the video and share it with your friends via your favorite social app.

MSQRD requires Android 4.3 and up for installation and has a current rating of 4.3.
Most entertaining apps - MSQRD

Download it from the Playstore

3. Voot TV Shows Movies and Cartoons

As claimed by the developer Viacom, Voot is the first video on demand application for mobile phones. Voot offers a variety of TV shows and movies and it all comes for free. Voot includes the ability to share videos with friends and to resume and playback. It also supports Chromecast

Voot requires android 4.2 and is currently rated 4 out of 5 stars.
Most entertaining apps - Voot

Download it from the Playstore

4. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 by Scoompa is one most entertainingĀ apps you’ll find on the Playstore. Face Changer 2 is the ‘funnier and improved’ version of the previous one with the same title. This app lets you morph faces with friends, celebrities and popular characters and share it with friends. You can also distort your photo and set it against ridiculous backgrounds. Sounds funny? Well, you got it all in Face Changer 2.

The Android version required for this app varies with device and the app has a current rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.
Most entertaining apps - Face Changer

Download it from the Playstore

5. My Talking Tom

There was a time when the only fun app on my phone was ‘Talking Tom’ – the first one in the series. Coming back to the present we still have Tom entertaining millions of smartphone users worldwide.

The latest one in the series, this app features 10 mini-games and also gives us the choice to create our own Tom from different combinations of furs, clothing and furniture.
Most entertaining apps - My Talking Tom

Download My Talking Tom

These are some of the most entertaining apps on the Playstore at the moment. Have fun!
Most Entertaining Apps at the Playstore!
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