Most Innovative Android Apps

Everyday new Android Applications appear on the Playstore. Some of them are quite interesting and unique while the rest are either rip-offs of other applications or does not provide satisfaction or utility to the end-user. Here we provide a list of the most Innovative Android Apps at the moment.

List of the most Innovative Android Apps

  1. Contacts Phone Dialer
    Most Innovative Android Apps - Contacts Phone Dialer

    Developed by: Drupe
    Requires: Android 4.1 and higher.
    Current Rating: 4.6
    Download: Link
    What does it do?

    • Dial or text your contacts with the preferred communication App with just a swipe.
    • Record incoming and outgoing calls easily.
    • Ability to organize the phone or address book and remove duplicates.
    • Unified communication log – CPD maintains a log of all the communications made from different apps from the phone.
    • Ability to set contact-based reminders.
    • Block any number.
    • Supports Phone Dialer, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype etc.
  2. AmpMe Social Music Party.

    Most Innovative Android Apps - Appme Social Music Party

    Developed by: Amp Me Inc
    Requires: Android 4.0.2 and higher.
    Current Rating: 4.2
    Download: Link
    What does it do?

    • It is essentially a music App that can sync with multiple devices.
    • Host a music party or join one.
    • Host gets to control the playlist and the musical aspects.
    • Synced devices can act as speakers.
    • Works with smartphones, tablets and bluetooth devices.
  3. Power Director Video Editor.

    Most Innovative Android Apps - Power Director Video Editor

    Developed by: Cyberlink
    Requires: Android 4.3 and higher.
    Current Rating: 4.4
    Download: Link
    What does it do?

    • Ability to edit photos and videos with timeline interface.
    • Create video effects.
    • Make photos and video collage.
    • Includes music and voice over.
    • Create videos in slow motion.
    • Save and share videos.
  4. Share the Meal – Help Children.

    Most Innovative Android Apps - Share the meal

    Developed by: United Nations
    Requires: Android 4.1 and higher.
    Current Rating: 4.8.
    Download: Link
    What does it do?

    • Share the Meal is a non-profit initiative of the United Nations World Food Program.
    • The App allows a user to make a donation with a single tap.
    • Ability to track the progress of the donation – where it is being distributed and its impacts.
  5. Recipe Book.

    Most Innovative Android Apps - Recipe Book

    Developed by: Recipe Book
    Requires: Android 4.0.3 and higher.
    Current Rating: 4.1
    Download: Link
    What does it do?

    • Offers a wide array of recipes from across the globe.
    • Includes organized categories of Veg, Non-veg, Paleo, Vegan etc.
    • Can be accessed offline once the recipes are saved.
Most Innovative Android Apps at the Moment
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