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It is fairly easy to configure your template to preview module positions. Every Joomla template comes with a preset combination of module positions. So you may ask,

What are module positions?

Every webpage within a Joomla website is comprised of modules such as the menu module, content module, login module and so on. Depending on the template, these modules can be assigned to different positions. The position or placeholder that a particular module occupies within a template is referred to as its module position.

Here we have an example of module positions within the Protostar template.
Preview module positions - Protostar

In order to make these positions appear so that you can preview it live on your Joomla site, certain configurations need to be set. I am guessing you already have installed a great template and now you need to identify the module positions and change its contents so that you can make it your own. So without further ado, lets get to it.

How to preview Module Positions in a Joomla Template

  1. Login to your Jooma back-end, if you haven’t already.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Template > Styles.
    Preview module posiitions Step 2
  3. Click Options on top right.
    Preview module positions Step 3
  4. Set Preview Module Position to Enabled and then save and close it.
    Preview module positions Step 4
  5. Upon closing, you can see that the preview icon has appeared before the Template Styles. Click on it to preview the Module Positions of the corresponding template.
    Preview module positions Step 5
  6. Alternatively, you can simply type on your browser and it will accomplish the same thing.

Note: It is recommended to disable the preview options once you’re done developing your website.

Almost every Joomla Template comes with its own documentation that usually include an image of the template layout. However, it’s a whole lot different story to be able to preview the Module Positions on the live website. In fact a given Module Position can have more than one published module.

This particular feature of previewing Module Positions in Joomla comes particularly handy during the development phase and Joomla beginners should make use of it more often. Anyway, that is how you preview module positions in Joomla and if you have found the tutorial helpful please do share it with your friends.

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How to preview Module Positions of any Template in Joomla
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