Enable breadcrumbs in Joomla

Breadcrumbs are the links above the website contents that allow a user to trace back to home page. As it enhances the user experience, it is a good practice to enable Breadcrumbs in Joomla.

Joomla already ships with the Breadcrumbs module and we only need to assign it to the existing or new menu items.

Follow these steps to enable Breadcrumbs in Joomla

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Modules.
  2. Search for breadcrumbs and open the module.
    Enable breadcrumbs in Joomla - Search for module
  3. Set the module’s self-explanatory configurations to your liking.
    Enable breadcrumbs in Joomla - Configuration
  4. Select the module ¬†position as ‘breadcrumbs’ and hide the title of the module.
    Enable breadcrumbs in Joomla - Module position
  5. Select the next tab, which is Menu Assignment.
  6. Under Menu Assignment, choose ‘On all pages except those selected’.
    Enable breadcrumbs in Joomla - Menu assignment
  7. Scroll down and select every menu item except ¬†‘Home’.
  8. Save and close the module.

Now if users navigate to any page away from the Home Page, the Breadcrumbs module will appear between the main menu and the page contents i-e, the body.
Enable breadcrumbs in Joomla - Complete tutorial
So that is how we enable Breadcrumbs in Joomla.

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Steps to enable Breadcrumbs in Joomla
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